Online retail sale of typical Apulian food goods

Description of the project was born from the need to make the most traditional Apulian flavor known to the world, using an ever new and expanding market: the online one.

Farinaedintorni is a project whose mission is to offer the market high quality food products typical of Puglia, closely linked to the uniqueness of the territory and elaborated with local raw materials by specialized Apulian artisans.

Thanks to the support of professionals expert in the processing of flours obtained from the best Apulian grains, products will be appropriately selected to guarantee, with the technological combination of active technicians, the maximum possible performance.

Flour, Senatore Capelli semolina, cereal flours, olive oil, fine wines known for their characteristics, are just some of the wonderful ingredients at the base of the proposals.

The products on sale, made by local experts, have their own digital identity card, with details on the origin of the natural assets and multimedia cards on the territories, up to the plants that generate these assets.

The intervention aims to implement the extra-agricultural fabric present in the LAG area, improving its level of productivity, profitability and innovation, encouraging cooperation models with the agricultural sector and raw material suppliers, enhancing local productive resources.