Farina and Surroundings: a great little story.

Mastery and dedication at the service of the most authentic Apulian flavours

How our products are born

Direct relationship with local farmers, use of Senatore Cappelli flours, extra virgin olive oil: these are the three cornerstones of the production of Farina e Dintorni, to which are added careful control and eco-sustainable packaging. But now let's see what happens behind the scenes.

Phase 1

Choice of raw materials

We carry out this process in close contact with local farmers, who are a great resource for us. We carefully sift the flours to eliminate any impurities. Furthermore, we only use extra virgin olive oil and Italian white wine.

Phase 2


We pay attention to the hydration process, responsible for the typical crumbliness of Apulian taralli.

Phase 3

The taralli take shape

Once the dough is ready, it is poured into a taralerator, where it is worked. The ironing, however, is manual, demonstrating the close relationship between technology and craftsmanship that distinguishes Farina and Dintorni.

Phase 4


The tarallo is boiled for a few minutes before being baked, in order to maintain its crunchiness once cooked in the rotor oven.

Phase 5

Packaging and shipping

After being packaged, the individual packs of taralli are inspected by latest generation metal detectors. Before being shipped they remain in the warehouse for a week, to guarantee freshness for customers.

Let's tell you something about us

It all began like this, from the meeting of three young entrepreneurs - Annaclara Sibilano, Filippo Cannito and Marianna Difino - determined to bring some of the most loved Apulian products to the fore in the world, through the web. Anyone who is at home at Farina e Dintorni knows that quality is a serious thing. In fact, only Italian raw materials are used, with a special predilection for organic.

Do you want taralli?

Come with us and you will see some beautiful things. But know this: choosing between all our products is a real challenge!

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